It's only natural that you're all wondering, "How can I be seen with Bart?" It's simple. Drop him a note! Bart reads all his mail and will consider being seen with anyone living in Santa Fe or visiting for an upcoming event who is willing to grace the the pages of his website.

Bart hopes that shop owners, restaurant owners, chefs, artists, tourists, musicians, scientists, athletes---anyone and everyone will spend some time with him and tell him all about themselves and their businesses. If you've got a story, you can appear on Who's That with Bart Now? and have him list your business or event on Bart Recommends for all to see.

And here's the best part---it's absolutely FREE! Bart and his escort love Santa Fe and want to share that love with everyone. They want to see Santa Fe businesses thrive. It's their passion! So drop him a note and let's plan to meet! You will be permitted to see what is written about you in advance if you so desire and add to it or just decide it's not for you. But Bart's hoping you'll join the fun and make this the best Santa Fe blog site ever.

Bart LOVES this town!

E mail Bart at:

Bart & Franque Zamora